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Robertson Quay

The Herencia

Singapore 239351

Thu 7 Oct, 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM
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Music Improv Group

This group started very organically with aficionados meeting just only once a month to jam. Then since they had a goal to work towards for Festive Spain, they committed to meeting each week to practise, and it was a very good process of learning - the momentum for which, we felt, should be continued.

This group is very fortunate to be led by Dr Larry Francis.

Larry is an ethnomusicologist, composer, performer and music educator. He is also a Visiting Fellow at King’s College, University of London and many other credits to his career.

One of his key areas of interest is teaching improvisation, which not many can teach.

Join us as musicians come together to jam & improvise. Bring your own guitar or other complementary instrument, pop by, and have fun!

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Guitar & Music Improv Group