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Robertson Quay

The Herencia

Singapore 239351

Wed 3 Nov, 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Wed 3 Nov, 07:00 PM

An Open Support Group

Crane always aims to be a safe space for open discussion and communication. 'Sessions of Solidarity' aims to be an informal safe space to discuss issues faced by those of us in challenging situations of different kinds. The sessions take place the first Wednesday evening of every month. You can drop by to share, listen, or ask for advice.

Join Shaiful in this informal session. Drop in, get a drink, have a chat, and share with others who understand what you’re going through.

Facilitated by independent creative Shaiful Risan, S.O.S. is a monthly sharing session hosted at Crane for reasons of navigating difficult adulting conversations.

Framed as a casual social and NOT a formal counselling session, S.O.S. hopes to fulfil an objective of normalising difficult dialogues through organic discourse vis-a-vis relationship building.

Topics would revolve around issues that are perhaps uneasy, unorthodox or just simply too difficult or niche to navigate.

All sessions will be held at CRANE, 46 Kim Yam Road, #01-06.

All sessions require $5 entry to minimize no-shows, and pending evolving restrictions may come with a complementary hot drink, served at our discretion.

This event is open to both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, although necessary social distancing measures would be implemented when required.

S.O.S. will be held every first Wednesday of the month!

Please note this is NOT a formal therapy session. If you feel after your session you would benefit from a trained counselor, Crane is happy to refer you to one of our members and partners who are properly certified for counselling.

Please be respectful of others and their opinions. Crane will not tolerate abusive and/or aggressive behaviour towards others. We value civil discussion and sharing. You may politely excuse yourself at any time if you feel the topic being discussed has potential triggers for you.


"I have no idea what I'm doing in life"

No, not all adults have got it together. 

In fact, most modern adults don't. 

We just don't know how to talk about it. 

Take away your occupations, your titles, your partners...who are you truly? 

Is life all about stability and accomplishment?

Are your careers just mere compensation for a lack of sense of self?

Is the root cause simply just being an adult in a different time?

Or is there a deeper impulse?

The feeling of being "empty" was a surprising major vote in a recent Instagram survey initiated by Shaiful Risan. 

Perhaps this is the first of many for some of us, so do swing by!

6 OCTOBER 2021

"I survived a paranormal experience".

Yes, this coincides with our in-house Halloween experience CRANEUM, held in the final weekend of October.

Yes, some of us did go through some scary shit.

Yes, you are not alone (no matter how you look at it).

In fact written by our very own Shaiful Risan is primarily made up of REAL anecdotes.

On a serious note, surviving such ordeals are no joke, especially if it is difficult to talk about it.

Trauma? Fear? Paranoia?

Pour it all out. 

3 NOV 2021

"Caught In A Bad Romance"

In a relationship you don't know how to get out of?

Unsure of how to get into a romantic partnership?

Denying the fact that perhaps romance is not for you?

Can't get out of the friendzone?

Somehow entangled in a sticky situation?

Loving someone you shouldnt?

The list is endless. 

Romance, and the pursuit of love can sometimes distract us, and perhaps drive us mad.

Come chill out, pour your heart out and hopefully, go home redefined.

"And this is what I see a modern love story 

love defined on our TV telling us teaching us what we need 

are we in love or just so alone 

that we're looking for anyone to hold"


Terms & conditions :

No refunds are allowed

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